At MACY, we’re here to help all children, youth, and young adults up to 21 years old with services like:

• Child welfare • Adoption • Disabilities • Mental health • Addiction • Youth justice • Education • Victim support (including domestic violence and sexual exploitation)

Children, youth, and young adults can call us themselves, but anyone can call with a concern: parents, foster parents, extended family, social workers, teachers, health care professionals, community members, police officers, and others.


MACY is empowered by The Advocate for Children and Youth Act, legislation under which MACY provides an independent voice for children and youth and helps to ensure their rights, interests and viewpoints are respected.


MACY has the responsibility of issuing formal recommendations to improve public services, and to monitor and report on compliance regarding the implementation of recommendations made by MACY.


MACY is pleased to offer a suite of helpful resources from a glossary of terms to FAQs for parents and caregivers to Thrival KitsTM, a project to promote mental wellbeing for children.


MACY has made available on this website all annual reports, in addition to reports on child deaths, special investigations and systemic research. When possible, French language versions of these documents are also provided on our site.