Daphne Penrose, MSW, RSW

Sworn in as the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth on April 12, 2017, Daphne has extensive experience that spans three decades working inside the child welfare system. She holds a Masters degree in social work and is a registered social worker in the province.

Daphne started her career as a juvenile counsellor in the youth justice system, holding positions at Agassiz Youth Centre as well as the Manitoba Youth Centre. Since then Daphne has held nearly every job within the child welfare system: front line worker, abuse worker, unit supervisor, then head of quality assurance for the Child Protection Branch, and other senior executive positions, including as acting Chief Executive Officer at Winnipeg Child and Family Services.

Beyond titles, degrees, and designations, Daphne has had a lifelong commitment to working collaboratively with families and communities. She is committed to listening to the voices of families and extended families to design and deliver services to children and youth, which reflect the wisdom and expertise of the natural supports that surround each child.

Accountability of public systems is of vital importance to Daphne, and she brings her wealth of experience in quality assurance and accountability to her role as the Manitoba Advocate.

Originally from Dauphin, Daphne’s family still owns a cabin at Dauphin Lake, where she enjoys time with family. Daphne has two sons and they remind her every day about the importance of being a strong voice for children. She is motivated by children and families and is committed to seeing positive changes for all children. She is also a movie lover, and while action, sci-fi, and drama are her genres of choice, she also happily admits to being among the biggest Harry Potter fans around.