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FAQs – Foster Parents

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Foster Parents

Q: I am concerned about a decision that CFS has made regarding a child I am fostering. Should I call your office?

A: Anyone concerned about the well being of a child involved with the child and family services system is welcome to call our office. There are often things you can do to resolve your concern directly with the child and family services office involved.

Q: I have not been paid for my respite and mileage, and when I call the CFS worker, she says she will issue payment but it never arrives. Who can I talk to who can make the agency send me the outstanding payment?

A: If the child’s worker does not respond to your inquiry about your cheque in a reasonable amount of time, you can contact the worker’s supervisor.  You can also contact the foster care/alternative care program support worker assigned to you or his/her supervisor.

If you are not receiving a response from the agency, you can also call the agency’s mandating Child and Family Services Authority to ask for help. You can call MACY and an officer will be glad to provide the contact information for the Authority if you cannot locate it on your own.

Q: What are my rights as a foster parent when the agency says it’s going to remove the child/children placed in my foster home?

A: The Child and Family Services Standards Manual outline the regulations regarding the removal of a child/children from a foster home. It also provides information on the appeal process for such decisions.

If you need support/advocacy around the appeal process, the  Manitoba Foster Family Network can provide this to you.

Q: Can foster parents apply to adopt or to become legal guardians of their foster child?

A: Foster parents may apply to adopt or to become legal guardians of their foster child if the child is a permanent ward of an agency and that agency’s policy allows for it. With the assistance of legal counsel, foster parents may file an application for guardianship with the court and it decides whether or not the application is in the best interests of the child. The court decides upon the child’s best interests in a number of ways that may include a home study, getting the child’s perspective, character references and evaluation by the child’s guardian agency. Foster parents who would like to adopt should tell their foster child’s guardian agency.