A: When a child, youth, or young adult up to 21 has died or suffered a serious injury, the Manitoba Advocate may review the services that were involved in the life of that young person or their family to better understand if the support the child or family needed was provided to them. The services that the Advocate can look into include: child welfare, addiction, mental health, and youth justice. In addition, the Manitoba Advocate can look into adoption, disability, education, and victim support services. Our goal in completing reviews is to identify where things may have been working well, as well as services, policies, or procedures, where improvements should be made that can improve safety for young people and possibly prevent deaths occurring in similar situations in the future. Visit our investigations page to learn more.

MACY also has a mandate to make recommendations regarding services provided to young people in Manitoba, and a responsibility to follow up on those recommendations we make to ensure reports do not gather dust on a shelf. Visit our research page to learn more.