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Information Sheets

Youth Suicide in Manitoba 2009-2012

Staff from the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth delivered a poster presentation at the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention 2013 conference in Winnipeg. Drawing on statistics and ongoing inquiry within the Special Investigation Review unit of MACY, our office was able to offer conference delegates some poignant analysis of issues and emerging trends in youth suicide within Manitoba.

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention 2013 Conference – MACY Poster Presentation


The Megaphone – Promoting the Voices of Manitoba Children & Youth

Much of the work we do at MACY is bound by confidentiality. This is important since in the work of protecting children, youth, and their families, we become aware of highly sensitive and personal information in order to conduct accurate and thorough analysis of the issues affecting Manitoba’s young people. In our work across the province, we see trends and key issues that are common to many children and youth and are committed to educating the public about those issues in an effort to improve the lives of children and youth. We are excited to be able to offer the following information sheets as part of our public education efforts.

The Megaphone explores issues for three unique audiences: youth, service providers, and the general public. Each edition of The Megaphone focuses on a different theme our staff sees in the work we do around the province. You are encouraged to view, read, print, and share one or all of them.

Issue 14: SPECIAL EDITION – Water Safety

Manitoba is a land of many lakes, rivers, streams, and other wide access to bodies of water. Many of our communities are located beside water and children and youth have ready access to water for a wide range of activities. Deaths of children and youth from accidental drowning occur every year in Manitoba – between 2009 and 2014, there were 19 Manitoba children who died from drowning. As we emerge from winter and anticipate the spring thaw and its yearly increase of water-related activity, this special edition of The Megaphone looks at how to keep young people safe around water.

Issue 14: Special Edition – Water Safety – Spring 2015

Issue 13: SPECIAL EDITION – Safe Sleep for Babies

Infants have an increased vulnerability of death when their sleeping environments are not carefully designed and monitored. Each year, our office is notified of infant deaths where risks in the baby’s sleep space were identified. To advocate for safer sleep and healthier babies, this special edition of The Megaphone looks at Safe Sleep – how to minimize risk and how to promote safety.

Issue 13: Special Edition – Safe Sleep for Babies – Fall 2014

Issues 10-12: Foster Care

Manitoba foster families play a vital role in the care of vulnerable young people. This release of The Megaphone looks at some of the issues faced by young people, service providers, and caregivers working in the foster care system in the province.

Issue 10 – Foster Care – Information for Youth – Spring 2014

Issue 11 – Foster Care – Information for Service Providers – Spring 2014

Issue 12 – Foster Care – Information for the General Public (& Foster Parents!) – Spring 2014

Issues 7-9: Gang Interference in the Lives of Children & Youth

Our third installment of The Megaphone info sheets shines a light into the dark corners of street gangs and their impact on children and youth in Manitoba. We look at why young people might accept gang interference in their lives, what the impacts can include. We also challenge service providers to look critically at their own choices and how those choices can have an impact in the issue of gangs. We talk about labels and the need to meet youth with open minds and hearts in order to effectively support them and how communities can work to reclaim youth from gangs.

Issue 7 – Gang Interference – Information for Youth – 2014

Issue 8 – Gang Interference – Information for Service Providers – 2014

Issue 9 – Gang Interference – Information for the General Public – 2014

Issues 4-6: Navigating Adolescent Transition

In the second release of The Megaphone, we explore some of the issues associated with the critical bridging years children travel through that move them from childhood to their teen years. Social competency and how to support healthy development in young people is examined from a number of angles and for three distinct audiences: youth, service providers, and the general public.

Issue 4 – Navigating Adolescent Transition – Information for Youth – Fall 2013

Issue 5 – Navigating Adolescent Transition – Information for Service Providers – Fall 2013

Issue 6 – Navigating Adolescent Transition – Information for the General Public – Fall 2013

Issues 1-3: The Importance of Attachment

In this first release of The Megaphone, we look at the issue of attachment and why early experiences for young children can lay the foundation for their future. We look at attachment theory, resilience, how care plans can impact very young children, and the importance of recognizing and addressing trauma.

Issue 1 – Why Attachment Matters – Information for Youth – Summer 2013

Issue 2 –  Why Attachment Matters – Information for Service Providers – Summer 2013

Issue 3 – Why Attachment Matters – Information for the General Public – Summer 2013


A Message to Manitoba Foster Parents

Foster parents make up a large number of the calls we get each year requesting support and assistance from our staff of advocates. We want to make sure that all foster parents in Manitoba know that we see ourselves as allies to people who care for children. Foster parents call us for information and assistance with respect to reunification or transition plans, foster child removal concerns, issues regarding contact with assigned social workers, and more. In response to this, we produced an information sheet specifically for Manitoba foster parents.

A Message to Foster Parents from the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth – Summer 2013