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MACY Youth Newsletters – The Drop

In 2013, in response to youth, community, and stakeholder feedback, we redesigned our newsletters, choosing to focus on producing a newsletter aimed at youth. The Drop explores the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), which is an international agreement between many countries around the globe. The UNCRC has been in place since 1989 and gives children and youth around the world more than 40 major human rights. Canada signed onto this international agreement in 1991 and promised to ensure the rights described in the UNCRC are protected and promoted for all children living in Canada. Each issue of The Drop newsletter examines one of the Articles of the UNCRC.

Article 13 – The Drop on Your Right to Express Yourself! – Youth Newsletter – Spring 2014

Article 9 – The Drop on Your Right to Contact with Your Family – Winter 2014

Article 25 – The Drop on Your Right to a Care Plan that Meets Your Needs – Youth Newsletter – Fall 2013

Article 19 – The Drop on Your Safety Rights – Youth Newsletter – Summer 2013

Article 16 – The Drop on Your Privacy Rights – Youth Newsletter – Spring 2013

MACY Youth Suicide Prevention Newsletters – Hope Rising

In early 2013, we also decided to redesign our suicide prevention newsletter. Hope Rising examines issues related to suicide and suicide prevention specific to youth, with a focus on Manitoba youth. We offer this newsletter to the public in three languages – English, Cree, and Ojibwe.

Hope Rising – Stand Up To Bullying! – Fall 2014 (World Suicide Prevention Day Sept 10, 2014)

Hope Rising Fall 2013

Hope Rising Cree Translation Winter 2014

Hope Rising Ojibwe Translation – Winter 2014

Hope Rising Spring 2013 – Cree Translation

Hope Rising Spring 2013 – Ojibwe Translation

Hope Rising Spring 2013

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