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Special report on Loss & Grief released today

SPECIAL REPORT – Don’t Call Me Resilient: What Loss & Grief Look Like for Children and Youth in Care

May 10, 2016 – In an effort to help children and youth in care come to terms with traumatic events, well-meaning adults in their lives can be hesitant to dig below the surface. Abuse, neglect, witnessing domestic violence, living with caregivers who are struggling with addiction, all of these can be traumatic for the child and can bring a family to the attention of the child welfare system. When home conditions deteriorate and children are brought into protective care, separation from parents, siblings, community, and familiar routine can also be traumatic events. The uncertainty that can follow in the life of the child, and the powerlessness many of them feel can further exacerbate the issues of loss and grief, according to a new report released today by Darlene MacDonald, Manitoba’s Children’s Advocate.

For the press release, please follow this link.

To read or download the full report (22 pages), please follow this link.

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