The Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth is an independent office of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly. We are here to represent the rights, interests and viewpoints of children, youth, and young adults throughout Manitoba who are receiving, or should be receiving services from: child and family, adoption, mental health, addiction, education, disability, justice, and victim support (incl. for young people who are witnesses in criminal proceedings and any young person impacted by domestic violence or sexual exploitation).

We advocate directly with children, youth, and young adults; we review public services after the death of any young person if that person or their family received a reviewable service in the year before the death of the young person; we conduct research on issues affecting Manitoba’s young people; and we monitor, analyze, and report publicly on the compliance of public systems and service providers with recommendations the Advocate for Children and Youth makes for improving services to young people and their families in Manitoba.

We also promote The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). This guiding document, which Canada ratified in 1991, describes more than 40 central human rights specific to children.

Being independent means that we are separate and apart from government and that the Advocate for Children and Youth is not part of any government department.

Our mandate is defined by The Advocate for Children and Youth Act and Regulation.


We carry out our role according to the best interests of children and youth. This means that in all of the activities carried out by the staff of the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth, the best interests of the young person are our top consideration.

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