Serious Injury Reviews and Investigations

The Manitoba Advocate is excited to announce the addition of the Serious Injury Reviews and Investigations program. As of July 1, 2023, the Serious Injury Reporting Regulation, alongside section 21 of The Advocate for Children and Youth Act (ACYA),came into force in Manitoba. This regulation mandates the reporting of serious injuries to the Manitoba Advocate office. It encompasses children, youth, young adults, and their families who have received or are currently receiving child and family services, youth justice, mental health, and addictions services in Manitoba at the time, or one year prior to when the injury occurred. The program marks a significant milestone as the first of its kind in our province, providing a centralized tracking system for serious injuries sustained by children, youth, and young adults receiving these publicly funded reviewable services.

The Serious Injury Reporting Regulation, in conjunction with section 21 of the ACYA, signifies a proactive step towards creating a comprehensive system that prioritizes the protection and support of young people in Manitoba. Investigators work to ensure that the rights of individuals in crisis are upheld, responding promptly to their needs and monitoring the provision of adequate care to young people. Through comprehensive data collection and analysis, we will identify recurring trends and themes across our province. This invaluable information will enable us to make evidence-based recommendations to the government to improve public services and the well-being of young people in Manitoba.

Read the serious injury fact sheet for service providers here (PDF).

Read the serious injury fact sheet for children or youth here (PDF).

Read the press release in English (PDF) or French (PDF) here.

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