If you are concerned for the immediate safety of a child, call 911.
If no one is in immediate danger, but you need to report a child protection concern, you can call CFS at (204) 944-4200 in Winnipeg, or outside Winnipeg 1-888-834-9767 (toll-free)

Q: Who can contact MACY?

A: Anyone with a concern about services being provided, or not provided, to children, youth, and young adults.

Q: What rights do children have?

A: All children have the right to feel safe and to be safe. They have a right to be heard and have their wishes respected. Visit the know your rights page for children to learn more.

Q: How do I know if MACY can help?

A: Every child’s situation is different. Some situations facing a child may not be included under our mandate; even though it’s not under our mandate, we can still help you. Contact us so we can talk with you about what might be happening in your child’s situation.

Q: What do I do if I am concerned about the service a child is receiving?

A: Children, youth, and young adults have a right to receive the services they need and we will work to ensure that happens. Please contact us to talk about it.

Q: Can I call MACY on behalf of a child, youth, or young adult?

A: Yes, absolutely you may contact us on behalf of the child, youth, or young adult. In fact, every year we receive many calls from parents, caregivers, professionals, community members, and other adults who are concerned about the services a child, youth, or young adult may be receiving. If you have concerns, please contact us – we are here to help.


Q: What is the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth (MACY)?

A: MACY is an independent office of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly. We are not part of any government department. Our purpose is to protect and advance the best interests of children and youth in Manitoba.

MACY may refer to the person who is the current Advocate, or the MACY office as a whole.

Q: What does MACY do?

A: MACY stands up for children and youth throughout Manitoba. We do this through youth engagement, advocacy, research, education, outreach, investigations, reports and recommendations. Visit our what we do page to learn more.

Q: What is MACY’s governing legislation?

A: Our governing legislation is The Advocate for Children and Youth Act (ACYA).

Q: What happens when a young person calls MACY?

A: They will speak with a member of our advocacy team who will listen and offer support and advice. All conversations are confidential. Visit our what to expect when you call us page to learn more.

Q: What services can MACY review?

A: When a child, youth, or young adult up to 21 has died or suffered a serious injury, the Manitoba Advocate may review the services that were involved in the life of that young person or their family to better understand if the support the child or family needed was provided to them. The services that the Advocate can look into include: child welfare, addiction, mental health, and youth justice. In addition, the Manitoba Advocate can look into adoption, disability, education, and victim support services. Our goal in completing reviews is to identify where things may have been working well, as well as services, policies, or procedures, where improvements should be made that can improve safety for young people and possibly prevent deaths occurring in similar situations in the future. Visit our investigations page to learn more.

MACY also has a mandate to make recommendations regarding services provided to young people in Manitoba, and a responsibility to follow up on those recommendations we make to ensure reports do not gather dust on a shelf. Visit our research page to learn more.

Q: What if I live outside of Winnipeg?

A: We are here to help all Manitoba children, youth, and young adults who are always welcome to call us. We have offices in Winnipeg and Thompson, and we often travel across Manitoba to advocate for and engage with young people. If you live anywhere in Manitoba and you have a concern about services a young person is or should be receiving, please contact us!

Q: MACY travels?

A: Yes! We work to support children, youth, young adults, and their families across Manitoba. These visits are made for a variety of reasons including individual case-related work, training and education, community and youth engagement. Contact us to learn more.

Q: What services are included in MACY’s mandate?

A: Under the ACYA, our new governing legislation, we are mandated to give support to children, youth, or young adults up to age 21 who are involved with or entitled to receive services related to child welfare, adoption, mental health, disability, education, victim support, and youth justice. Previously we were limited to young people receiving or eligible to receive services from provincial child welfare and adoption systems. Under the new legislation that limitation is removed.

Q: Who does MACY answer to?

A: MACY does not report to any government department, or Minister, but the office is accountable to The Legislative Assembly, which is made up of all individuals who were elected by their ridings across the province. Because of this, our office is independent and non-partisan, meaning we are not affiliated with any political party. MACY is also accountable to all Manitobans through a Service Plan that includes goals for the year as well as specific objectives and performance measures. An Annual Report by MACY includes a comparison of actual and expected results identified in the year’s Service Plan.

The Manitoba Advocate has direct authority over the MACY office and all of its programs and activities.

Q: Does MACY make its reports public?

A: Yes. You can find our reports here.