Research Hub

The Manitoba Advocate’s Research Hub is empowered by Section 11(1) of The Advocate for Children and Youth Act.

The Research Hub focuses on improving the effectiveness and responsiveness of services provided to children and youth in Manitoba which include: child welfare, adoption, disability, addiction, mental health, education, victim support, and youth justice.

We facilitate, collaborate, and conduct high-quality research studies to inform policy decisions and investments that best ensure the safety, well-being, and participation of all children, youth, and their families in Manitoba. Research conducted by the Research Hub team is used to inform work on systemic issues, including child death investigations and Special Reports.

Research and resulting Special Reports may include recommendations for government departments, provincial Minister(s) responsible for the provision of a designated service, and any public body or other person providing a designated service that the Advocate considers appropriate.


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  • Identify current trends in the safety and health of children and youth
  • Investigate the practices and policies of children and youth-serving systems (our domains)
  • Collaborate and conduct safe and ethical research with children and youth, providing them with opportunities to explore children and youth-centred methods
  • Synthesize knowledge of evidence-informed practices that uphold the rights of children and youth
  • Develop recommendations for children- and youth-serving systems that are reflective of MACY’s vision, mission, and values


  • Ensure children and youth have a platform upon which to tell their stories and share their wisdom with the media, public, and decision-makers
  • Develop a variety of communication- and knowledge-sharing vehicles to strategically leverage the impact of our research findings and recommendations with different key audiences and stakeholders, including: media, the public, service providers, decision-makers, and the wider research community
  • Identify resources and action planning required to facilitate the implementation of our recommendations