Knowledge Keeper

The Indigenous Knowledge Keeper plays a crucial role in providing cultural guidance and support across all program areas at MACY. With offices in three locations, their contributions extend to delivering cultural supports to the youth and families we serve. An integral part of their responsibilities is co-chairing the ReconciliACTION Committee alongside the Indigenous Deputy Advocate, as well as facilitating the implementation of MACY’s ReconciliACTION Framework.

The Knowledge Keeper at MACY brings a wealth of traditional Indigenous knowledge to our office. Their diverse range of roles includes opening and closing meetings and events with prayers, engaging with staff and young people to support the work of the office, facilitating land-based ceremonies and teachings, and fostering relationships with various communities and organizations. They also play an active role in collaborating with organizations to secure guest speakers for MACY’s ReconciliACTION initiatives. Additionally, they represent the office at numerous community events, reinforcing our commitment to community engagement.

In addition to their extensive involvement with the Elders Council and the cultural activities provided to staff and YAAS members, the Knowledge Keeper provides teachings through the organization of solstice ceremonies and feasts for both staff and the Youth Ambassador Advisory Squad. These events serve as powerful opportunities for cultural exchange and understanding within MACY.

The presence of the Knowledge Keeper has allowed MACY to foster a culturally inclusive environment embodying the principles of reconciliation and to promote a profound understanding of Indigenous knowledge and traditions. Their contributions are instrumental in strengthening the organization’s commitment to cultural responsiveness and nurturing meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities.

Gladys Marinko

Knowledge Keeper

Knowledge Keeper Gladys Marinko is a member of the Brokenhead Ojibway First Nation and has both Anishinaabe and Croatian roots. She is an intergenerational survivor of the residential school system and is passionate about connecting with people.

Gladys is well known in the community; she has been mentored by Elders, and actively participates in ceremonies across the province. She is also a Sundancer, traditional singer, and drummer. Eager to impart the ancestral teachings entrusted to her, she is excited to support children, families, and their communities in their healing journey.

Knowledge Keeper Gladys will bring tremendous value and will continue the integral role of a Knowledge Keeper at the Manitoba Advocate office.