Questions and Answers

If you are concerned for your immediate safety or the immediate safety of a child, call 911.

If you are not in immediate danger, but you need to report a child protection concern, you can call CFS at (204)-944-4200 in Winnipeg, or outside Winnipeg at 1-888-834-9767 (toll-free).

Q: How can I contact MACY?

A: Visit our need help? page for our phone numbers and locations. We want to hear from you. All conversations are confidential.

Q: How can MACY help me?

A: We are here for you. Our only goal is to help you. We are very good at answering questions about adoption, being in care, mental health, addiction, the justice system, school, and getting help if you’ve been a victim.

If you’re not sure if you should call us, call us anyway. It’s always OK to ask! Visit our need help? page for our phone numbers and locations.

Q: What happens when I call MACY?

A: You will speak with someone who will listen and give you support and advice. All conversations are confidential. Nobody will find out unless you want them to. Visit our what to expect when you call us page to learn more.

You can also drop by our office in Winnipeg (346 Portage Avenue) or our office in Thompson (find us in City Centre Mall) so we can meet with you in person.

Q: What happens if I call after-hours?

A: If we are closed, you can leave a message, and someone will return your call as soon as possible the next working day. As well, our after-hours voice message will provide you with phone numbers for emergency services and shelters.

Q: What if MACY can’t help me?

A: If we can’t help you, we will find someone who can.

Q: What if I’m not ready to talk to someone yet, where can I get more information?

A: You can start on our know your rights page for good information and resources.

And when you’re ready to talk, we are here. Call or visit us.

You could also send us an email

If you decide not to call us but you or someone you care about is facing a situation that is concerning, please talk to someone you trust when you are ready. Choosing a person you trust and finding the courage to talk is important. And if you don’t feel heard by them, choose another person. Don’t give up.

Q: I don’t want someone speaking for me, but can MACY help me speak for myself?

A: Yes! Our mission is to help you raise your voice—to help you advocate and speak for yourself and your best interests. We call this self-advocacy and our office can support you in deciding what to say and who to talk to. Call or visit us to learn how!

Q: What are my rights?

A: Children and youth in Canada have a number of rights that are described in an international document called the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Visit our know your rights page to learn more.

Q: I am in care of CFS and leave a lot of messages for my worker, but my worker never calls me back. What can I do?

A: You have the right to speak to your worker on a regular basis. We can speak to your worker to let them know you have left a lot of messages and you feel you are not being heard or taken seriously.

Q: I just turned 18 and was in CFS care but am now involved with Community Living disABILITY Services. I am not feeling safe in my placement and need to talk to someone about a different placement. Can you help?

A: Yes. MACY frequently works with youth who have aged out of care and are now receiving services from CLDS. We know this is a big change for youth leaving care and we can advocate on your behalf with disability services to help you receive the services and supports you require to be safe and successful.

Q: I am not a child in care, but my family is involved with CFS and I want to talk to our social worker about concerns that I have. Can MACY help me with this?

A: Yes. MACY provides advocacy services to children and families receiving any kind of services from CFS. You do not have to be a child in care for us to be able to look into your situation and work with you.

Q: I am 15 and was assaulted. I need someone to help me deal with everything I am going through. Who can help me?

A: MACY can help you contact Victim Services, support you in talking with them about what you need, and make sure you get the services you are entitled to.

Q: I have been suspended from school and I don’t know if there is any plan for me to return. How can I get back into school?

A: All children and youth have the right to be in school. MACY can help by talking to the school and making sure they are working with you to come up with a plan to get you back into a school program that will meet your needs.

Q: I have a lot of anxiety and have been using alcohol and drugs to deal with these feelings, but I want help now. I was told I may have to wait months for help. What can I do?

A: You have a right to get help for mental health or substance misuse challenges in a timely way. MACY can help by making sure the service providers you are waiting for understand your needs and that planning happens in your best interests. We can help connect you to the services that can provide support. Call or visit us.

Q: How can I make things better and help other young people?

A: Your opinions and ideas are valuable! You can help make the services provided to young people better by connecting with our team and sharing your ideas and opinions with us. For example, our Youth Engagement Coordinators support our Youth Ambassador Advisory Squad, also known as YAAS That is one way youth around Manitoba are helping to influence and guide the work of the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth (MACY). Visit our YAAS page to learn more.