The office of the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth (MACY) is committed to working toward reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. 

In Manitoba, First Nations, Metis, and Inuit young people continue to face discrimination in the community and, at times, when accessing public services. MACY is committed to amplifying the voices and experiences of Indigenous young people so that necessary systemic changes can be made and the provincial government is held accountable to the inherent rights of children, as laid out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.


In that vein, MACY has created an internal ReconciliACTION Framework for its offices. Led by the Indigenous Deputy Advocate and Knowledge Keeper at our office, the ReconciliACTION Framework is a guide we use in our office to advance meaningful reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. It describes our approach and plan to advance reconciliation through our work.

Read MACY’s ReconciliACTION Framework (2021) (PDF)

Read the Manitoba Advocate’s statement on National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (2021) (PDF) 

We chose the term ReconciliACTION because it goes beyond the conceptual awareness that something has to change. It means collectively we need to put a plan into place through a set of actions that show a change in our belief systems, support for social justice where Indigenous rights are concerned, and an allyship that is unwavering.

MACY welcomes all feedback on the ReconciliACTION Framework, especially from Indigenous Peoples. To submit your feedback, please respond to our survey or email


All MACY staff are invited to join the office’s ReconciliACTION Committee, which works to implement the ReconciliACTION Framework under the leadership of two co-chairs – MACY’s Indigenous Deputy Advocate and Knowledge Keeper. Some of the activities laid out in the framework – such as reading the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s final report and participating in anti-oppression training – are mandatory for all staff. 

The ReconciliACTION Committee also has three subcommittees where staff are invited to participate:

  • The Knowing and Learning Subcommittee – organizes and facilitates continuous learning opportunities for staff, to meet the objectives of Theme 1 (Knowing and Learning) of the framework.
  • The Honouring and Relationship Building Subcommittee – develops and strengthens staff relationships with Indigenous children, youth, families, organizations, and communities. Engagement with Indigenous governance and leadership remains within the purview of the Manitoba Advocate and the two Deputy Manitoba Advocates.
  • The Action Subcommittee – identifies opportunities for MACY to implement the 94 TRC Calls to Action, such as policy enhancements, program initiatives, or participation and engagement in community-based campaigns.

Reconciliation begins with you. Create and grow a way of life for yourself, starting today.

-Chief Dr. Robert Joseph