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Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth (MACY) Sherry Gott has released her office’s compliance report.

This year’s report, Moving the Dial on Children’s Rights in Manitoba, is the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth (MACY)’s fourth compliance report. It summarizes the assessment of progress made by public bodies in the last fiscal year to implement recommendations from 11 special reports. This year’s report also reviews overall progress since the publication of MACY’s first compliance report in 2020, as well as the degree to which this process has been able to move the dial on children’s rights in the province.

“We need bold action to drive real and meaningful change for children, youth, and young adults in Manitoba,” said Gott. “At MACY, we believe this must begin with a critical evaluation of our own policies, practices, and processes, and a commitment to making changes if they are not helping us to achieve this sacred goal.”

Read our media release in English (PDF) or French (PDF) here.

Read the 2023 Compliance Report in English (PDF) or French (PDF) here. 

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