Bridging the Gaps: Achieving Substantive Equality for Children with Disabilities in Manitoba is a special report stemming from a child death investigation and broader systemic research. The Advocate was notified of the death of Emma* in 2017. Emma’s family struggled to navigate disability services in Manitoba and ultimately relied on Child and Family Services for support. Emma died accidentally, just days before an emergency systems meeting was scheduled to discuss an out-of-home placement for her.

In addition to Emma’s investigation, MACY includes findings from a survey of caregivers of children and youth with disabilities; interviews with academic experts, current and former service providers, families, and children and youth with disabilities; and data analysis of Children’s disABILITY Services (CdS) and Child and Family Services (CFS) records. Over 400 people were consulted in the making of this report. The Advocate made nine recommendations for system improvements. *Name has been changed.


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